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Film crew Field Shooting

Author:Zhangzhou SEETEC CopyFrom:Zhangzhou SEETEC DateTime:2016-06-07
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  • FEELWORLD camera-top field monitors are the industry standard with a variety of inputs and features to meet the needs of professional videographers and photographers. These monitors offer bright, colorful displays with features such as Zoom, Image Flip, Full Color Adjustment and Focus assist (Peaking filter) , False Color, Pixel to Pixel. The FEELWORLD Field monitors enable users to frame challenging shots with greater ease.
    And offer Waveform and Vectorscope among many other advanced features they share with our professional production monitors. Our professional field monitors allow users to perfect the shot on camera, rather than in post. Our picture performance, feature set, customer service, and experience are why the industry's leading photographers, videographers, and camera operators choose FEELWORLD monitors.