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LUT7S Firmware Update V1.3.8

Author: CopyFrom: DateTime:2021-05-21
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In order to improve  users experience. LUT7S adds 3G-SDI signal loop-out 3D LUT function which which can output custom LUT image to other displays. If your device is under version 1.3.0, you can upgrade it to get this function. 

Download Link

Please click LUT7S_V1.3.8 to download the upgrade file

Steps of upgrading

1. Unzipping the file, and copy the file “LUT7S.bin” to SD card, then insert it into the SD card slot of the monitor. SD card need to format as MS-DOS(FAT) or NTFS.

2.  After inserting the SD card, please turn off the monitor, and take off the battery or the power adapter.

3. After finishing the step 2, please install the battery or plug the power adapter and turn on the monitor.

4. find the “Firmware Update” on the menu, then tap “<” or“>”to upgrade.

A progress bar will appear on the screen indicating that the program is being imported.

Just wait for the flashing red and green lights alternately indicate that it is upgrading.

When the light turns red, the upgrade is complete. The monitor will reboot automatically.