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FEELWORLD FSP90 90cm Parabolic Softbox Quick Release with Bowens Mount




Diameter: 90cm
Deep Parabolic
Quick Release












quick release softbox

easy setup softbox

Deep Parabolic Softbox
FEELWORLD FSP90 is a deep parabolic softbox with a diameter of 90cm. It adopts film industry-grade soft light material and highly reflective coating. It has a soft light surface in diameter and smooth transition to suppress cross light, ensuring relatively accurate color temperature and satisfying the needs of lighting engineer for soft light effects and light output. Easy to disassemble and store, it is an ideal choice for video production, live streaming, studio recording, portrait photography, product videography, etc.

multiple application softbox


16 Umbrella Ribs, Strong and Durable
The FSP90 with 16 umbrella ribs support, forms a round, omnidirectional light. The umbrella ribs made of strong, durable steel are lightweight but sturdy, and not easily deformed. Deep parabolic design, more uniform light.

live streaming softbox


Dual Diffusion, Forms Natural Light
The softbox is equipped with dual diffusion, can create a soft or hard edge light around it , which is very favorite for portrait photographers.

external internal softbox


Honeycomb Grid, Improve The Spotlighting Effect
When the softbox is installed with the honeycomb grid the beam angle is about 45°, and the lighting engineer can directional lighting , to guide the direction and range of the light more accurately, reduce the surrounding overflow, and create an atmosphere.

flexible lighting softbox


Compatible with Bowens Mount Lights
Based on standard Bowens mount design, compatible with more lamps.

bowens mounting softbox


Lightweight and easy to use, suitable for lighting in big space

big space softbox


Quick Installation and Disassembly



quick assembly softbox

quick disassembly softbox


Portable Carrying Bag
The attached carrying bag, easy to storage and carry.

portable storage softbox



multiple accessary softbox

*Quick installation and removal, convenient to storage
* Adopts high-reflective coating and soft light material, give a more uniform soft light effect
* 16 umbrella ribs three-dimensional support, to create a more circular surface, shape a certain depth of the surface effect
* Rich accessories, can be selected freely, which can flexibly respond to the needs of a variety of scenes
* Bowens design,compatible with various general Bowens video lights
* ideal choice for video production, live streaming, studio recording, portrait photography, product videography, etc.


Product Parameters
 Model  FSP90
 Diameter  90cm
 Depth  62cm
 Length after Folded  77cm
 Ribs Support  16
 Mount  Bowens Mount
 Unit Weight  1.5kg
 Size of Inner Box  79x20x20cm
 Size of Outer Carton  80.5x42.5x62cm
 QTY of Outer Carton  4pcs


Pack List:
 Parabolic Softbox
1×Internal Diffusion

1× External Diffusion
1× Honeycomb Grid
1× Carrying Bag
1× Manual
Packaging Picture