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FEELWORLD FSR120 30x120cm Rectangular Softbox Quick Release Bowens Mount




Size: 30x120cm
Quick Release
Bowens Mount












stripe soft box


FEELWORLD FSR120 is a rectangular strip softbox with size 30x120cm(1:4 ratio). Its surface area and slim form factor make it perfect for the lighting needs when shooting full-body portraits, and ensuring that the whole body of the portrait can be illuminated by soft lighting. Ideal for portrait photography, product videography, live streaming.

multiple application softbox


All-in-one Design, Smooth and Efficient Lighting Experience
The softbox adopts external umbrella ribs and dual layer fabric, with vivid, uniform and delicate lighting effect. And the frame, diffusion material and speed ring are fixed as a whole so that it can be used immediately.

one piece softbox

Quick Setup in One step,Ready for Run-and-Gun Filmmakers
With the innovative quick-release speed ring, the FSP120 can be set up in seconds. And the umbrella ribs with silicone hand guards for comfortable handling.

easy setup softbox


Dual Diffusion, Make The Light Effect More Outstanding
The softbox is equipped with dual diffusion, according to the shooting to assembly or disassembly, satisfy the different needs.

multi using softbox


Honeycomb Grid, Improve The Spotlighting Effect
When the softbox is installed with the honeycomb grid the beam angle is about 45°, and the lighting engineer can directional lighting , to guide the direction and range of the light more accurately, reduce the surrounding overflow, and create an atmosphere.

honey comb softbox


Compatible with Bowens Mount Lights
The universal Bowens Mount design allows the quick assembly and disassembly between lights and accessories.
bowens mount softbox
multiple acceary softbox


*Quick release design,simplify the use process, and bring you the best user experience
* Using industrial-grade soft material and highly reflective coating
* 4 umbrella ribs support, has high elasticity, and has high-temperature resistance,not easy to deform
* Bowens mount design,compatible with various general Bowens video lights
* Ideal choice for video production, live streaming, studio recording, portrait photography, product videography, etc.


Product Parameters
 Model  FSR120
 Opening Size  30x120cm
 Depth  48cm
 Length after Folded  81cm
 Ribs Support  4
 Mount  Bowens Mount
 Unit Weight  1.3kg
 Size of Outer Carton  65x43x88cm
 QTY of Outer Carton  6pcs


Pack List:
 Rectangular Softbox
1×External diffusion

1×Internal diffusion
1×Honeycomb Grid
1× Carrying Bag
1× Manual
Packaging Picture